It has been a year since the official launch of our application K-Ops and we already made a name for ourselves in the construction industry and on the Canadian tech scene. We exhibited at Collision to consolidate our position and to continue building an international partners network.

Initially, we planned on sending four people to the event, which meant travelling to Toronto and staying there for a week. We thought… why not bring the rest of the team with us? A road trip, an Airbnb, the big city of Toronto and a LOT on our plate for K-Ops … it was going to be quite a week!

K-Ops at Collision

Collision assembles the people and companies redefining the global tech industry, following the footsteps of its European event, Web Summit. Collision is the fastest-growing tech conference in North America.

K-Ops à Collision, K-Ops at Collision
K-Ops à Collision, K-Ops at Collision

We had a team of four on site, including the 3 co-founders, to demo K-Ops to Collision participants. We met with potential distributors, partners and investors as well as other con-tech startups (construction technologies), including Mechasys, Civalgo, Rkitech, VEERUM, PowerTree, Tristars Multicopters, MFlux Lighting, Lino AI and Risk PM.

K-Ops à Collision, K-Ops at Collision

Remote week in Toronto City

Meanwhile, in the Pharonyx house and throughout the city of Toronto, the rest of the team was working on K-Ops 2.0, our latest development. This new version includes our most client-requested features as well as a brand new module!

Needless to say that our development team did not spare any effort during this week in Toronto, as the marketing team keeps producing content to get ready for our biggest release to date!

Of course, we enjoyed our moments as a team: dinner by the water and discovering public transit in Toronto (several tries were needed to get back home the first night…), evening at a Mexican pub in the famous Distillery District (cricket tasting, for the bravest ones), team breakfast with French pancakes … Our team spirit is stronger than ever!

Towards international expansion

On Collision’s side, investors were often surprised to see a technology company with a commercialized product still being self-backed after more than two years. We are indeed very proud of this achievement!

Our journey now leads us to expand to global markets. Moreover, the partners and potential allies we met at Collision confirmed the interest we already had for certain regions (including where the idea of K-Ops was born…).

K-Ops à Collision, Remote week Pharonyx, K-Ops at Collision, Pharonyx remote week

We have come a long way

It often takes a step back to see how far we have come.

Last summer, when the whole team took part in Startupfest, we were very proud to present K-Ops 1.0. Here we are, less than a year later, at an international conference with new features to show (including an equipment management module), solid data proving the effectiveness of our application and ready for global expansion. Since the last Pharonyx remote week, the team has doubled in size and we’re getting ready to deliver K-Ops 2.0, our most powerful version ever.

At Pharonyx, we don’t like to say that we are “eager to see what the future holds” because we chose to create that future our own way, according to our values, working as a team to reach each and every milestone, day after day. That is what a startup is all about!

K-Ops à Collision, Remote week Pharonyx, K-Ops at Collision, Pharonyx remote week

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