After spending countless hours on the jobsite with our customers, we are pleased to deliver our biggest update since the launch of K-Ops! We added the awaited tracking module and daily reports to propel your projects to new heights.

Here is an overview of the latest additions:

A dedicated module for progress tracking

Much more than a two-letter tag, our Tracking module brings progress tracking in construction to a whole new level. Here is how K-Ops differentiate from its competitors:

Track progress according to your WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

Reuse the same Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that you use in your project planning tool by importing all the codes and descriptions from your master WBS list. Use these codes when creating problems or queries for subsequent tracking.

K-Ops allows you to track from a variety of different angles: by contract, by zone, by systems, or any other way you might require.

Suivi de progrès dans K-Ops

A clear picture on work advancement

See real-time progress from anywhere in any K-Ops module with our simple and intuitive progress bars.

A logic and flexible view on your progress

In the new tracking module, the progress indicators can be grouped by hierarchical levels. Each level can cumulate the indicators of the lower levels to obtain a simple and intelligible measure of the overall execution progress.

Suivi de progrès dans K-Ops

All the information at your fingertips

The information you need, for each tag you use, is always at hand. You will always know how many documents must still be approved, how many pieces of equipment are left to install, what deficiencies to solve, or which requests to answer. With a simple click, you can also view all associated details.

Daily reports

Very popular with our customers, this feature allows you to manage your daily reports in one place. K-Ops automates up to 50% of the manual data entry for each report by suggesting the information already raised by your project team (eg weather, deficiencies, queries, documents, photos taken, etc.).

You also have two display options: by list or by calendar to visualize your data efficiently. 

Les rapports quotidiens dans K-Ops

A brand new interface

Our simple and intuitive user interfaces helped build K-Ops’ strong reputation, and that’s why we are constantly improving them.

In this update, you’ll notice a cleaner, lighter design, brighter colors, even more intuitive menus and most importantly, a new dashboard.

tableau de bord

For example, in the screenshot above, we see that the project is on the right track, but there is documentation to approve, equipment that is not installed, a lot of issues and queries to solve and much more details. The manager who wants to have an overview on each of his projects can do so at a glance, enabling him to make informed decisions and act upstream if necessary.

Once the project is complete, you can always come back to the details and access all your data in one place, without having to look everywhere on your servers, e-mails and amongst various past exchanges.

K-Ops Mobile for field also revamped

The mobile versions of K-Ops for iOS and Android have also been completely revamped. Access the desired information faster, take as many photos as you want and complete your tasks from anywhere.

K-Ops 2.0 mobile

All that, quicker and safer than ever

Despite the many additions, the app responds approximately 7 times faster than its previous version. 

We also use the latest technologies in security to ensure that your data is protected at all times, wherever you are.

About K-Ops

K-Ops improves collaboration, communication and productivity between stakeholders of any construction project, regardless of size or complexity. To see precisely how K-Ops can help with your projects, ask your free demo today or sign up.

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