The Pharonyx team is pleased to announce the official launch of K-Ops 1.0, the web and mobile application that facilitates and harmonizes real-time operations management for ALL your construction projects, no matter their size or complexity.

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Over the last 9 months, K-Ops has evolved through several pilot projects with the Alpha and Beta versions. This has allowed us to improve the user experience, adjust key features, and add new ones to meet your needs, no matter what your area of business is. Instead of imposing a way of doing things, K-Ops is fully configurable and adapts to your methodologies and work processes. 

In fact, K-Ops allows you to :

  • Save up to 15% on the costs of managing operations;
  • Save at least an hour a day, because you will not have to transcribe your notes, scan documents and look in a clutter of documentation;
  • Facilitate coordination and collaboration amongst Directors, Project Managers, Superintendents and Subcontractors while automating task tracking and notifications;
  • Reduce the risk of claims and lawsuits thanks to the traceability of the quality records;
  • Improve the quality of execution and delivery of your projects, increasing your credibility while reducing the costs of non-quality;
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring consistency of deliverables and a standard of execution that everyone will adopt easily. 

“ By democratizing access to technology and helping businesses take the digital shift, we are helping to modernize the construction industry. ”  – Hugo Brizard, CEO & Cofounder.  

Whether you are in project offices, on construction sites or in between, K-Ops is for you. To see in detail how K-Ops can help you in your projects today, ask for a  free demo or sign-up.

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