While most of the startups were represented by one or two people, Pharonyx came out strong by bringing the entire team. Developers, marketing, interns, co founders and partners helped put the company and our K-Ops software forward and ensure a good presence at Startupfest. Here is a short summary of these few colorful days.

What is Startupfest?

Startupfest is an international event that brings together young companies (startups) with high potential. On an iconic peninsula in Montreal,  participants enjoyed conferences, networking, workshops, demo spaces and braindates, amongst other activities.

Apart from all the team building, Startupfest allowed us to meet businesses such as Co.labs, SafetyTek, Probuild, C-Cube, RenoRun and Brokrete that aims to be game changers in the construction industry, just like us.

The K-Ops App Impresses

“I am strongly impressed by the interfaces quality and simplicity. There has been lots of work behind this software, and it shows.”

- Participant, Startupfest 2018

Discussing with fellow startups allowed us to share knowledge and get feedback on our app. The takeaways: interfaces are “simple and intuitive” and the app is “fully configurable”, two key points that are becoming essential in our industry.

Also, this event has opened the door to a number of potential strategic partnerships. We spoke with accelerators, investors, partners, consultants and diplomats from Taiwan, Japan, Europe, United-States and others parts of Canada.

Pharonyx cofounders Hugo Brizard and Simon Gould with Robert and Ameca, from Taiwan - Deux des cofondateurs Hugo Brizard et Simon Gould avec Robert et Ameca, de Taiwan

What’s Next?

We are leaving Startupfest with good feedback and ideas. We are proud of our team, working harder every day to create a world-class product.

We will have another occasion to showcase K-Ops to the public on September 18th at the Batimatech conference. Do you have your tickets?

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